| 10/4/2019

What can I say about David. He's incredible. As you all know, I'm very passionate about my reviews. He and his crew are awesome and professional. He's not a fast talker like the other companies that gave us a quote. He answers questions prior to being asked. I thought I could trip him up on questions that 1 should ask in seeking a roofer. He answered every question correctly. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. As a person who gives 5 star reviews only for professional service, I advise everyone to only go with Expert Roofing. They will treat you right, they are people of their word, will not give you the run around, and you won't regret it. Much love to David, his family and the entire crew. Blessings always and our home looks terrific.

- Sheila B.

| 11/1/2016

I got my roofing done by Expert Construction Roofing because I saw that they had so many impressive reviews. And I was not disappointed. I needed to get my roof repaired instantly before the rainy season came. I had holes in my roof that kept allowing dirt and rain into my attic which was quickly destroying my belongings. Their service at Expert Construction Roofing was fast and professional, and the job and result was also very impressive. I was comfortable and thankful to their contractors for completing the job in the soonest possible time, and I will highly recommend them for anyone needing any roof repair.

- Jason L.

| 10/3/2016

Expert Construction Roofing is a local favorite for any roofing construction or repair in our neighborhood. They have always been everyone's go-to contractors. We always receive great results and their services are wonderful. In the 8 years I have lived in the area, I have hired them four times to do repairs on my roof. Our family loves their service since they are fast, friendly, and have surprisingly affordable services. Always a thumbs up for Expert Construction Roofing. I am always satisfied with their work and since I live in an old house, there's really nothing better than having skilled contractors check my roof out for me.

- Mo X.

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